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Bed & Breakfast Room Hire & Services

For backpackers, vacationers, or your everyday wanderlust traveller, nothing can be more convenient than finding a resting place, a nice warm bed, a refreshing shower, and good food. Room hire, bed & breakfast lodgings and even small inns make for a suitable and inexpensive stay.

Some inns or small hotels have function rooms and catering services for local events and small gatherings. Birthdays, weddings, reunions and certain group occasions may be held here. Scenic gardens, patios, gazebos and even poolside areas make for a nice vista. On the other hand, function rooms can also be used for seminars, conventions and business meetings. Large companies can sometimes hold talks, lectures, and conventions related to the expansion, improvement or progress of the company, members from branches throughout the country or even internationally can gather in one convenient place.

Cheap rooms are quite hard to come by these days, inns and lodges can sometimes be out of the way or full. Some people convert their houses to tiny inns and offer board and lodging on a daily, weekly even monthly basis. Writers, artists, travel aficionados, local and international researchers or specialty teams find it easy to convene in places near their desired location, whether they are studying the local demographics, geography or history, writing or researching, making a documentary or merely using the location as an art reference these room rents offer some of the best deals to get around and be around.

Some of these bed and breakfast places or room hires are peppered around the UK and are especially handy around tourist spots. Other places make use of shared flats which are preferred by university students or foreign exchange students. Young adults looking to save up for an apartment also sometimes room in together if the place is large enough until they are financially able to find a place of their own.

Large function rooms or convention halls can sometimes host countrywide events such as comic or science fiction conventions. Art exhibits, and even small-scale historical memorabilia displays can make use of these rooms. As these events may usually last for two to three days catering service may be offered to provide refreshments throughout the day. There are catering companies in the UK that can offer various types of menus that will be suitable for any type of event – whether it be for a large crowd or small intimate gathering. Some can even offer event management services so that the clients have one less thing to worry about and be able to just enjoy the occasion with the rest of the guests.

This country is rich in history, culture and landscape. There is never a lack of places to visit, sights to see and things to experience. Whether it is for pleasure, business or daily living finding a cosy spot to immerse oneself in the company of others or to relax and rest after a long day is something anyone can look forward to.

Finding cheap rooms online is easy and can be provided with a click of a mouse button. All you need is a destination in mind and a budget. Key areas and hot destination spots usually have many houses that can offer a room for one or two people and may serve home cooked meals or a complimentary breakfast.

There is no limit to the number of places one can stay in. Other travellers opt to do this sometimes, staying for a night or two in one place than looking to stay in another bed & breakfast for the other days; it is most useful for backpackers who prefer to travel far and wide. Sometimes the best way to experience a country is to travel on foot. Whatever the case may be a nice, clean, homey place will always be palatable to any visitor and the UK in all its cultural traditions and royal refinements have plenty of that and more.

Day trip ideas in Mexico

Mexico has so many great places you can visit during your travel. Most of the trips aren’t too far from the main capital and are perfect for tourists who are staying in the city. Mexico is well known for their cute and colourful towns and villages. You can easily travel through this places either by buses or a car.

Val Quirico Tlaxcala

The town of Val Quirico is situated near Puebla, and it’s a perfect place to get away from the busy city of Mexico.Val Quirico was created explicitly for tourism and estate developments. Once you step foot in the town, you’ll find that the village has a chic atmosphere surrounded by plenty of plants and flowers. It’s also a perfect place to eat out as they have a variety of restaurants.

Tequisquiapan Queretaro

Tequisquiapan is known for its colourful buildings. In the heart of the village, you can visit the pink sandstone church of Santa Maria. Another attraction that you might want to check out is the mountain tour which is located just on the outskirt of the village.

Cuernavaca, Morelos

Cuernavaca is another city you can visit nearby. It is filled with historical attractions including the Palacio de Cortes palace and their famous museum called the Museo Regional Cuauhnahuac. The palace was built back in 1526 during a war with the Spanish. The museum, on the other hand, represents the whole Mexican cultures and history. Don’t forget to check out the mural painting made by Diego Rivera who was the husband of the famous painter Frida Kahlo.

Puebla City

Puebla is a perfect city if you are travelling with friends or family. One of their great attraction includes the colourful Talavera pottery and a nearby Safari called the Africam Safari. The city also highlights their antique shops and places to eat.

Best destinations to visit in the UK

As much as it’s nice to travel away from your home, it’s also ideal to venture out and explore your homeland. You would be surprised of what UK has to offer, it’s no wonder why it’s one of the top travel destinations for tourist. To help you find the best places to visit in the UK, we’ve gathered some relevant tour guides and list of places below that are worth visiting. If you’re from the UK, you might’ve already stepped food at one of the destinations, but you will find that each place has more to offer than what you already know.

The Ultimate UK Adventure Bucket List for 2017

There is one thing I have learnt to appreciate through my 36 crazy months of travel, it’s the UK and the beauty within this incredible country. Until just recently, I blindly over shadowed the beauty here within my home country. I spent thousands of pounds and the majority of my time convinced that the best travel out there, was located in far flung corners of the world. Everywhere but in the UK.

But adventure really is RIGHT on my doorstep and my bucket list for UK adventure has been growing by the minute. How many of you have been to the UK and just stopped off in London before moving on? I’m sure many of you?

In fact, until last year when I made a conscious effort to travel more domestically, even I hadn’t seen much more of the UK than London and a bit of Cornwall. And that was because work took me to London and I have some family down in Cornwall. It’s time to uncover the beauty in the UK and i’m so excited to do so …  Read more at

Visit The Best Travel Destination in UK

Bristol has recently been voted the UK’s best place to live in 2017 by The Sunday Times – for the third time in four years. It’s likewise been named the best place to study, one of the main five most rousing urban communities, and even one of the main 10 urban areas on the planet previously. No big surprise Bristolians are so savagely glad for their enormous little city.

They’re additionally glad for their autonomy: this is a city with its own particular chose leader and even its own particular cash, the ‘Bristol pound’, to bolster the nearby economy. The entrepreneurial soul is fit as a fiddle here, developing a large group of autonomous shops, eateries, bistro and bars … Read more at

The UK’s best attractions to visit in 2017

Compton Acres, Dorset

Compton Acres consists of 10 acres of ornamental gardens. There are five main themed gardens to explore: Italian, Wooded Valley, Rock and Water, Heather and Japanese.

The garden was started in 1920 when Thomas Simpson purchased the site including the mansion and set about creating a series of themed gardens to reflect his overseas travels, with the help of Mr Middleton, the Head Gardener … Read more at

Activity Breaks

Short activity weekends can be a fun way to beat the lethargy of monotonous day to day life and do something new and exciting. Not just that, short activity weekends can also be a great and enjoyable way to spend some time with your family and let your hair down. There are so many activities to choose from and things to do that you are definitely spoilt for a choice. Whether you are interested in mountain walking or paint balling, there is something for everyone.


The following are a few options to explore –

Go Karting

If you want to try something new and adventurous that’s also relatively family friendly, you can try indoor go karting. Many places have facilities for children’s go karting, packages for stag and hen parties, corporate entertainment, and more. Visit the websites of different providers for more information.


There is nothing like a good long session of paintball to experience a refreshing change. At many locations all over the UK, you can enjoy this activity at sites where they not just have paintball, but many other fun activities besides to make your activity weekend fun and entertaining. These may including mountain biking, off road buggy tracks and many more outdoor activities. The best way to enjoy this activity is to have a meet up with your old and new friends and celebrate by some paintball action.


Horse Riding

Do you like horses and have always wanted to ride them and train with them? This activity is perfect for horse lovers because they not only cater to individuals but also to families and bigger groups. The training could be held in lush activity centres in farms or equestrian schools for training but there are locations all over the UK for you to explore. If you are in Yorkshire, you can spend a good weekend with ‘Ride Yorkshire’ and they arrange your accommodation as well. You will be taken on short rides and you can even bring your own horse, or else, they will provide it.


The UK has a beautiful and unexplored countryside which should be utilised for have nice walking holidays. They are also perfect for hiking. Mountain walking could be another thing to explore. If you have had enough of your city, leave it for a weekend and visit Keswick where you can enjoy canoeing, mountain walking and a lot of other fun activities with ‘Mobile Adventure’. They will also arrange the accommodation for you. Your specific needs are taken care of in this place and whether you want an adrenaline rush from your activity weekend or a quiet time, you will get it here.


The weather in this country is unpredictable, to say the least. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy some sailing and let your hair down. Around the isles, you will find some great spots for sailing and other watersports to make your weekend perfect. The sea is gorgeous and the outdoor air will do you a world of good. You can plan a trip to Dorset and have a great time with ‘Harbour Challenge OEC’. They arrange for your accommodation and also provide activities like surfing, fishing, canoeing and other watersports.


If you haven’t tried Zorbing in your adventurous life, you are missing out on a lot. A massive inflatable ball is involved, to which you are harnessed and later, you tumble down the hill. For the best experience, plan your trip to Surrey and contact ‘Pod London Go Zorbing’. You can try out this fun activity alone or arrange for a group trip with your family and friends. They also have other options and day outs to make your weekend more fun.

Apart from these activities, there are always things that you enjoy. You can have a cycling trip to the mountains, take a golf weekend or even try a cookery break, if those things interest you.

Short Holidays in Europe & USA

For an exquisite short break abroad, Europe and the United States are top travel destinations. From Seattle to Prague, these cities are hot spots for travellers who want a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Hotels and theatre breaks abound within the top destinations of Europe and the USA.


Rural retreats in Lincolnshire are popular for their luxury self catering lodges. Enjoy farmhouse B&Bs in an idyllic location in the countryside. Amenities come complete with swimming pools, wood fired hot tubs, heated saunas, BBQ huts, and more.



Known as the city of lilies, Florence is home to a beautiful walking tour and a unique porcelain museum. Trips to Boboli Gardens and espresso at the Caffe Giubbe Rosse are sure to please even the most discerning of visitors. City breaks to Florence can include trips to Medici’s Villa del Trebbio or a day trip to the forests of the Parco Nazionale.

This place is also top choice for couples who are thinking about a wedding in Italy. Tuscany is a luxurious region with breathtaking landscapes, buildings and food. Perfect for a peaceful and relaxed ceremony with an intimate guest list.

French Alps

Although France has a large amount of beautiful cities and countryside to explore, the French Alps are truly a magnificant sight for all. Stay at the Hauteluce Ski Resort for a prime location with a stunning view of Mont Blanc. A catered ski chalet at Snowy Pockets, which sleep up to 12, are perfect for friends and family ski holidays.


For a ski trip or wilderness exploration, check out the Puget Sound and Seattle. Known for its excellent coffee, Seattle is home to the lively Capitol Hill clubbing district and the world famous Pike Place Market. During the Olympic Games, Seattle’s Mount Baker was home to some of the women’s skiing competitions. Mount Baker and Mount Stevens are both home to some of Seattle’s top skiing and snowboarding spots. During winter months, these snow-capped mountains come alive with visitors. After a busy few days at the mountains, visitors can go hiking among waterfalls and evergreen trees. For retail therapy, check out some of the downtown malls and eclectic shops. Hotel accommodation options in this city include charming B&Bs to luxurious lodging options.



If you’re looking for a short break closer to home, then Greece and the surrounding islands are perfect for a romantic getaway. Full of rich history, culture, food and beautiful surroundings, discover this relaxed country to the fullest. Zakynthos in particular is one of the most recommended destinations, just west of the mainland. One of the top accommodations on this island has to be Porto Zante Villas. This 5 star hotel in Greece is the only place to consider when looking for a relaxing break. The villas are modern and comfortable, the pool area and beach area is beautiful and the peaceful spa is the cherry on top.


Although Prague is no longer the cheap destination it once was, it is still favourably priced. This European city is an excellent year-round destination due to its many beaches, festivals and Christmas markets. Declared a UNESCO World Heritage status, this city is filled with Gothic, Renaissance and baroque architecture. Regular flights make Prague easy to reach for a short holiday. To top it off, the city is home to a thriving beer and bar culture. Favourite destinations include the Old Town Square and the Jewish Quarter. The Old Town Square is home to one of the oldest astronomical clocks in the world. From the Old Town Tower, visitors can catch a glance of Prague’s castle and Our Lady of Tyn Church. The Jewish District contains some of the remnants of Jewish slums, a Jewish museum and the Old-New synagogue.


Explore a world of cowboys, rodeos and five-alarm chili. In Dallas, visitors can check out the USA largest urban arts centre at the Dallas Arts District. Home to the Dallas Cowboys American football team, the city also hosts a seasonal rodeo. Travellers can go line dancing at a Western bar or relax to the sound of blues in Deep Ellum. Other hotspots include the Fair Park, the Meadows Museum and the World Aquarium. Short breaks can be thoroughly enjoyed in this mecca of southern hospitality. From top hotels to Mexican restaurants, the city is a cultural melting pot that has to be thoroughly explored to be understood. Theatre breaks in Dallas can check out the Winspear Opera House or the Dallas Theatre Centre.

Travel Extras

From luxury waiting lounges to insurance, travel extras make short breaks easier for everyone. Airport parking and car hire help to take away the stress. For a relaxing holiday, check out one of these travel extras.


Airport Lounges

Within a bustling departure hall, a nice waiting lounge is a breath of fresh air. Travellers can enjoy VIP treatment during their layover at 120 different worldwide airports. These lounges often include comfortable seating, Internet access and reading materials. Visitors can keep an eye on the flight monitors while they enjoy their favourite food or drink. Flying to and from foreign destinations can be tiring for even the most experienced flier. A lounge makes transitioning to a holiday easier by allowing holidaymakers to freshen up and relax.

passportTravel Insurance

Although most locations are extremely safe, it is always a good idea to buy travel insurance before embarking abroad. The insurance offers 24 hour emergency assistance and can be purchased for an individual or a group. It can be purchased for a single trip or on a yearly basis. Each plan should include credit card fraud, accident coverage, health care and evacuation insurance. Since schedule changes can occur, cancellation and curtailment insurance is also advisable.

Airport Parking

For an easier experience, parking is a must-have travel extra. Off-airport parking is normally the most affordable, while on-airport parking is the most convenient. Each parking lot allows holidaymakers to ensure the safety of their vehicle. Once the holiday is over, they can easily access their vehicle from the secure lot.

directionCar Hire

Once abroad, travellers will want to use a car hire company. Driving a car through a foreign country is easier and faster than taking public transportation. It also makes it easier to reach hotel accommodation and local destinations. Many programs offer affordable daily rates and mileage costs. If a car is hired, it’s always essental to remember to purchase car insurance for their vehicle. They should also look into the costs for the distance travelled and daily rates to ensure that they are getting a good deal.