Affordable Jetset Travel Services in the UK

jet travel

Private jet services are surprisingly affordable and are no longer just accessible to the rich and famous. If 4 or more passengers ate travelling then it becomes eminently more affordable than First Class commercial travel. Most aircraft charter companies offer a ‘payment by mileage’ plan that allows you to streamline your travel plans into a cost-effective itinerary.

There is also the possibility of taking advantage of an ‘Empty Leg.’ This is when one-way charter planes have to return to their original airport. In this scenario, the executive jet may well be flying empty. These ‘Empty Legs’ often cost much less than a typical executive or corporate jet set travel charter and are usually available, often on a daily basis, though most private jet charter companies.

More importantly, however, the charter of private jets is more practical, economical and efficient in a number of ways that make them a more ‘user-friendly’ and ‘common sense’ way to travel.

Private business jet set charters allow companies to eliminate:

Expensive overnight hotel stays, car park fees
‘Dead’ travel time spent alone on flights, trains or in the car
Airport delays – there is a 20-25% chance that a commercial trip will be delayed
Missed appointments and unmanageable meeting agendas
Time wasting

Whilst allowing:

Access to a greater number of destinations
High levels of privacy, security and comfort
Multi-stop schedules within the same working day
Reduced overall travel time
The ability to entertain corporate clients in style

The most important commodity to a company is the employee and the most important commodity that employee has to offer is their time. Private, business and corporate charter allow this most valuable of commodities to be utilised to its maximum potential – helping to ensure maximum return on investment in terms of productivity that leads ultimately to profit and success.