Ethiopia Travel Tips


Ethiopia is a country situated in Africa. To be specific, it’s in between the land of South Sudan and Somalia. It’s also the country where coffee originated from. For anyone looking to experience a new culture or explore nature, this is the ideal destination. It has plenty of things to offer for all kinds of traveller. If it’s your first time travelling the country, we have a list of travel tips below.

When to visit

It’s ideal to travel at a time when the weather is clear. Ethiopia has its dry season from October up until March. You’ll want to avoid their rainy season from June to September. The country has many trekking routes, and you’ll be able to make the most of your trip during the dry season.


Don’t forget to try out their local cuisines. Be aware that most of their meals are spicy as this is how the locals prepare and make most of their dishes. Their main traditional cuisine is the spicy stew which is cooked with a variety of meat including beef, goat or lamb.


They have a variety of transport to help you get around the country. Main transports that you will find include public buses, boat, taxi and motorcycles. You can also hire out a van for a cheaper option if you’re looking to cover all the areas in the country.


Ethiopia is all about history, nature and culture. If you’re after their history, you can explore some of their historical castles including one called Gonder. To see the nature side of the country, we recommend the Simien mountains national park, which is perfect for hiking or long walks. To experience their culture, you can visit one of their towns called Omo Valley where you can meet some of the locals and experience their community.